Midan Limited was established by Matt Daniels, Managing Director, in April 2012.  The company offers a range of services to clients from organisational development, strategic planning, income diversification and fundraising through to bespoke training and development, research and evaluation.

Since establishment Midan Ltd has undertaken a number of contracts including the establishment of a commercial trading arm and a suite of educational, learning and development opportunities across the corporate, education and wellbeing sectors; co-ordination of multi agency partnerships and large scale funding applications and programmes; strategic and organisational planning, and community based cultural strategy planning.

About Matt Daniels:

Matt has a strong background in the Voluntary and Cultural sectors. He bagan his career in the public sector and has an Associate Diploma in the Arts and qualifications in Public Relations and Adult Education Training. He spent the 2000’s as the CEO of two social development agencies.  In his last role he led the charity through a tripling of turnover and staff and created a strong national profile and a powerful set of partners and networks.

Matt is also the Chair of Birmingham LGBT, a Vice Chair of Groundwork West Midlands, and a writer of contemporary fiction and historical non fiction.

He is a hard working and creative individual who has worked hard throughout his career to establish a strong track record for excellence, innovation and achieving results, and a reputation for reliability, honesty and integrity.

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